For a very long-time brand management and corporate management were considered to be two separate approaches. Markendienst has set out to overcome such ways of thinking.




Each and every standard today, was once nothing more than a daring idea. This is why we maintain a healthy level of scepticism towards everything that was always considered good and right in terms of strategy. Those who choose Markendienst are not looking for solutions done strictly by the book, but rather for an individual and solution oriented consulting approach.


For many, Big Data is a necessary evil – for us, it is the most important source of inspiration. In these complex data sets we read how people, brands and markets function and what makes them tic. Our strength is to convey and impart these insights – as well as translating them into specific recommendations.


With experts from different disciplines Markendienst offers an enormous range of knowledge, ability and experience. Interdisciplinary working and cooperation is as natural for us as the active involvement of our clients throughout every phase of the consulting process. 




You are a brand enthusiast and have a talent for thinking outside the box? Then we should meet.

We offer an agile working environment with flat hierarchies and are proud that our staff is a mix of experienced colleagues and young talents. Development opportunities in an interdisciplinary team and flexible employment-models are core components of our corporate culture.

We are looking for:

No job ad to see? Then our team is perfectly positioned at the moment. Maybe we should get to know each other anyway …

Aside from applications to current job vacancies, we always welcome unsolicited applications and consider them with great interest. Feel free to submit your compelling and complete application via e-mail, in PDF format to the following address:




Brands are more than “marketing” – and they can do much more than “make customers happy”. Between the poles of target groups and competitors, MARKENDIENST provides new perspectives.


Source: Character brands 2017. All sectors and the current state of the project can be found at

What we believe in:

Brands, target groups and competitors stand in a complex interdependent relationship with one another. He who wants to successfully shape this relationship needs a comprehensive strategy, and the courage to tear down barriers. Whether they are barriers in the mind or silo-structures within the company: we believe that brand leadership needs to go beyond such limitations. This is why we consult with a sense for corporate processes and a keen eye for the bigger picture.

What drives us: 

For many businesses empiric research, intuitive thinking and pragmatic operation are three different things. We are determined to overcome these trenches in service of the brand.

How we work:

Good advice never comes from a place of superiority, but rather from a place of deep understanding for your brand and all stakeholders. Our consulting process brings business managers, marketing leaders and brand ambassadors to one table. This way, we enable everyone to overcome departmental limits and secure a seamless transition from theory to practice.





Charakter Verbundenheit

Source: Character brands 2017. All sectors ans the current state of the projekt can be found at

Routine always seemed suspect to us. That is why we bet on people that are used to questioning the status quo.

Experience meets innovation

Markendienst unites years of expertise in brand management with the agility of a start-up business. With our experts from the fields of analysis, strategy, creation, media, digital and corporate, Markendienst offers an enormous range of knowledge, ability and experience.

Consulting on eye-level

Interdisciplinary teams, flat hierarchies and direct communication channels define our culture. We believe that corporate consulting can do without pomp and circumstance. This is the attitude with which we approach not only our colleagues but also our clients and their external service providers.

Dr. Harald Berens, Dr. Christian Bachem, Olaf Oldigs, Lutz Meyer, Karl Georg Musiol




Dr. Christian Bachem

Dr. Harald Berens

Laura Combüchen

Cornelia Corley-Skawran

Lukas Gomber

Henning Grell

Susanne Heinz

Hauke Jansen

Svea Kessler

Saskia Klenk

Lutz Meyer

Andreas Meyer

Karl Georg Musiol

Olaf Oldigs

Christoph Olschowsky

Niklas Remark

Michael Schlaug

Gianluca-Daniele Speranza

Vitalia Tanu

Carolin Thoma

Dr. Katharina Thomas

Lukas Waidelich

Marco Wruck


Ingolf Christian Ernst

Martin Friedel




Our clients value our unobstructed view and generalist consulting approach, that goes above and beyond industry limits.

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Analysis and evaluation of the international data situation.

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Multiple projects for LIDL Dienstleistung (Germany) and LIDL Stiftung & Co.KG (international).

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Consulting on the way from traditional sausage producer towards veggie- pioneer.

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Support during the transformation into a completely digital bank.

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Development of a global brand identity navigating between Anthroposophy and mainstream.

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Translation of the ARD internal brand policy into a unifying Brand Story.

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Repositioning of Germanys second-largest shoe retailer.

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Precise support with the brand development in the jam- and cereal bar market.

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Inspection and evaluation of current and potential media agencies.

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Development of a brand identity with internal and external impact.

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Inspection and evaluation of current and potential media agencies.

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Focussing the brand on core values and core target-groups.

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Inspection and evaluation of current and potential media agencies.

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Inspection and evaluation of current and potential media agencies.

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Activation of the brand potential and governance of the club as a brand.

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Sharpening the brand profile while differentiating from the market leader

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The representative character test with 201 national and international brands. Are you part of it?

Personality and attitude are the “soft skills” of a brand. The Character Brands Project shows how strongly the relationship between a person and a brand can be influenced through character traits.

In the format of a representative study, 201 brands are evaluated based on internal values – with ground-breaking insights for brands and business leaders.


Consulting Approach


Brands can learn a lot from people. For example, the difference between a purely purpose oriented relationship and a true emotional connection.

In the relationship between the brand and its target groups it takes much more than just performance. While products and services become increasingly interchangeable, the inner values of a brand move more into the centre of attention. Building a strong Character is the greatest challenge for all brands and businesses that strive to create a successful long-term relationship with their target groups.

Between the poles of the expectations of the target group and the pressure of competitors, there are no easy solutions. That is why we do not advise brands and businesses by the book, but rather offer a process that is individually suited to them. Without brand-voodoo, or buzzword-bingo – but with a practical, pragmatic implementation in your organization.





Analysis Phase:

At the beginning of each project, we analyse the status quo as well as the specific challenges your brand is facing in the context of competitors and target groups. In this, we combine traditional market research and social studies with innovative measurement methods into a tailor-made analysis tool. We support you in the viewing, interpretation and visualisation of existing data or we conduct completely new research projects for your brand.

  • Stakeholder analysis

  • Market area analyzes (market / brand / competitor / target groups)

  • Touchpoint and customer journey analyzes

  • Resonance Effect Test (RET)

  • Segmentation (market / competition / target groups)
  • Pre-tests
  • Advertising impact monitor
  • Potential analysis
  • Predictive modelling

  • Research and method consulting

  • Media analysis

  • Brand diagnostics and monitoring

  • Data Usability

  • Data Visualization / Dashboarding (Tableau)

  • Media mix modeling

  • Ad verification

Strategy Phase:

In joint workshops and on the basis of a in-depth analysis, we define target oriented strategies for your brand success. During this process, we consider brands not just on the factual level but also look at their layered relationships with internal and external target-groups. Our personality-based approach helps brands and businesses to sharpen their own character and to develop a concise signature independent of individual touchpoints.

  • KPI development

  • Context-based corporate, brand and media strategy

  • Brand identity, goals and core values

  • Character, attitude and personality, manifestation

  • Corporate storytelling, brand storytelling, narrative, contextualization

  • Target-group profiles, Persona

  • Customer journey, Customer experience journey

  • New-/ Re-positioning

  • Marketing-mix optimization

  • Media-mix optimization

Implementation Phase:

A strategy is only as good as what it manages to achieve. Markendienst supports your internal organisation, your staff and your external communication partners in the quest to breathe life into brand strategies. This includes, effectively anchoring those strategies in the daily business long-term.

  • Guidelines and rules for agile brand control
  • Corporate Design, Corporate Language, Corporate Culture
  • Portfolio Management
  • Agency briefing (Creative / Media)
  • Pitch consulting (Creative / Media)
  • Performance evaluation (Creative / Media / Digital) 
  • Contract optimization (Creative / Media)

Partner companies

Norstat Deutschland GmbH

Norstat Germany GmbH is a high-quality supplier of market research data and a leading fieldwork provider in Europe. Through the use of precise research methods, Norstat collects data on any desired subject and any target-group. Our services range from our own online panels and programming of online surveys to the recruitment of participants for qualitative studies.

StatArts GmbH – Service für Marktforschung

StatArts GmbH is a reliable partner for market research projects of any scale or scope. StatArts secures a smooth process of national and international studies, conducts consumer surveys and social media analysis.

Krämer Marktforschung GmbH

Following a dynamic development, Krämer Marktforschung GmbH is one of the leading fieldwork institutes in Europe. Apart from the interview-fields that are active Germany-wide, Krämer Marktforschung GmbH covers every aspect of field based market research through a number of test-studios. The direct communication with the consumer and opinion-leaders is a guarantee for authentic data and the timely translation into strategies and decision making tools.

Qubidu GmbH

Qubidu GmbH is an innovative service provider for the conception and construction of websites and Apps. Qubidu offers a platform for agencies and businesses that offers web know-how, while always delivering products with an up-to-date BackEnd.




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